Makram Aboul Hosn


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Jazz compositions/renditions:

"Debbie's Waltz"

Original composition from "Parallel" album, performed and improvisationally developed by Jeremy Siskind (piano). Recorded on July 6th, 2017, One Hertz Studio, Beirut.

"Consecutive Seconds"

A Teo Macero tune recorded by Thelonious Monk, here arranged for the Aboul Hosn Quartet. Recorded live @ NOW, Beirut in May 2018.

"Mine or Blues"

An original tune, inspired by Tristano/Mingus. Recorded by the Aboul Hosn Quartet @ Now, Beirut in May 2018.

"Reaching for The Moon"

Jazz Standard, Nada Mouzannar (voice) Makram Aboul Hosn (bass). Recorded in September 2016, Signwave Studios, Deir Qoubel, Lebanon.

"Street Window"

Original composition, Giuseppe Andrea Rinaldi (ts), Giedrius Nakas (p), Makram Aboul Hosn (bs), Jaemin Lee (dr). Recorded in Feb. 2015, PCC studios, Groningen, Netherlands.

Experimental works:

"I'm of No Race"

Original composition, Makram A.Hosn (Buzuq, Double Bass, Audio-scape). Recorded at home on October 2015, Brooklyn, New York.


Original composition in collaboration with Maiya Hershey. Recorded  between October 2015 and August 2016 in different homes in Brooklyn, Groningen, and Beirut.


Original composition for the Koantet. Daniel Juarez (sax), Ignacio Fernández de Frutos (gtr), Jorge Castañeda-Valenciano (p), Makram Aboul Hosn (bs), Mikel Urretagoiena (dr), Stefan Goranov (prc). Recorded live the Singlezaal, PCC in the Netherlands on the 1st of June, 2016.