Makram Aboul Hosn


I got tired of the same old biograpies where musicians praise themselves with their own words in third person, listing their achievements and the famous people they've played with... I've been there, done that, and it always felt insincere to me.


Deborah Davis wrote a comment on my Facebook page and I liked it so much that I decided to use it as my bio:


Once upon a time Makram Aboul Hosn was a tiny little boy who loved music. He skipped around the house humming tunes.


He banged out melodies on the table at dinner. On outings he'd never keep up with his parents because he was WALKING in time.


His mother could no longer tolerate him making music of her pots and pans, furniture or other house hold items. His parents decided to explore his musical curiosity. His father took him to the music shop to select an instrument.


Little Makram Aboul Hosn turned to his pop and said, "DADDY, I WANT THE BIG VIOLIN". The rest is history.



Photo credit: Ribal Aboul Hosn

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